August 15, 2011

Been a little busy..

Wow!  What a busy week it's been!  Summer is almost over (gasp!) and so we FINALLY went on our summer "vacation".  We ALL had such a great time in Santa Barbara.  Still working on a few scrapbook pages, so pictures and blogging on that trip will be up at a later date.

Today we had some friends over for swimming!  Yes, we love to be in the pool around here and it ended up as a pool partay.  I wanted to do something a little bit different and because of my new found love to Pinterest, I tried taking pictures of the kids with a fun colorful background and some props i found around the house.  Let me know what you think!

I think the props are so much fun and I love that the kids weren't directly looking at the camera saying, "cheese".  I hope they liked it and had fun because I'm going to do it again next week at our End of the Summer Par-tay, Take 2.

Bailey also had a little surprise for us as well.  She did NOT want to wear her floaties today!  She said she didn't need them and that they were uncomfortable.  Next thing we knew she was over at the deep end telling me to watch her because she was going to swim across on her own without floaties.  I had my camera and heart in hand.  OMG!  I was scared that she would get tired mid-way and that I'd have to go in to save her, but no, she went across the deep end and then back again!  Wow!  Then she wanted to do it again but made sure I was going to get it on video.  Love my girl so much!  So proud of her!
the newest swimmer!

it's like he's a stunt man!

having fun with our friends!

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