July 27, 2011

A day at Soak City, Buena Park

The kids and hubby have been sound asleep for a while, the water tired them out.  I was able to get caught up on Teen Mom, LOL.  We had a fun, fun, fun, day at Soak City!  We got passes this year for Knott's and Soak City so we figured it was time to go.  Spent most of the day at Gremmie Lagoon, which is the smaller kids' play area.  Bailey and Caiden had a great time running and chasing eachother and playing in the water.  We didn't leave until closing time and even then the kids were upset that we had to leave.  And yes, Bailey always wears bows, even when she's swimming :)

I have to mention that I bought Bailey's bathing suit from Land's End and I totally love it!  It fits her well and the color is really vibrant.  The straps never came down and the bottom ruffle part kept her "bottom" well covered-up which is a plus+ in my book.  Of course Caiden is sporting Gymboree's board shorts and rash guard, he loves anything with pirate skulls and so does his mommy.  

Day one of my blog

So it's the first time I'm actually posting something on my blog.  It took me a few days because if you know me at all, you know that I had to make it look "pretty" before I let anyone else see it.  I used photoshop to make the frame/title thing up at the top using pictures from a photo shoot my very talented friend, Nekane, did for us a few months back.  I am now trying to link her website here  http://throughgrinsandgiggles.com
It's past midnight, this is usual for me.  I work best when my husband and kids are asleep because otherwise I'd be cleaning up after them and I'd never accomplish all the things I want to do.  
So on Tuesday we went to see Captain America.  My 3 year old has been waiting and waiting to go see it and so we finally went.  It was pretty awesome!  I had no idea of this superhero character before other than his name and so it was a learning experience for me as well.  I didn't know that the character had anything do with WWII or the military.  Being that I have a love for the military since a few family members are active and that my husband is a former Sailor, this makes Captain America my favorite superhero.   I also love that it was kind of a love story, (ya, I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff) and it was entertaining for the other 3 Aguilars. It didn't hurt that Captain America was quite good looking after the whole experimental serum thing.  I'm not really sure about copyrights and all that so I will post a picture of my son who would like to be Captain America for Halloween this year (and SpiderMan at the same time).  
After the movie they fell asleep in the car and woke up as soon as we got to the driveway telling me that they wanted to go swimming in the pool and so they did.  
It's off to bed for me, or at least off the computer as I go get things ready for our trip to Soak City in the morning.  Have a great Wednesday everyone!