July 29, 2011

Huntington Beach~

We had an awesome time at the beach yesterday!  We got there at around 12:30 stayed until 5ish. The kids of course did not want to leave.  We weren't the only ones with the beach idea~ Huntington Beach was pretty packed.  After we slathered the kids with sunblock they ran into the water and were back and forth the entire time.  Albert taught Bailey to capture sand crabs.  She caught on to the "quick digging" method and in no time was catching sand crabs for all the friends they made at the beach.  They also made us promise that we would go back really soon.  I for one could do without all that sand, but watching them having so much fun was totally worth it.  We got home and I had them jump straight into the pool so they wouldn't get sand all over the house, LOL.

Having fun with new friends!
My Princess!
My Lil' Guy!

Checking out the sand crabs!

Sand Crab~