August 24, 2011

A little passion of mine (some call it OCD)

If you know me, you know I love to label EVERYTHING!  Yes, it's kind of an addiction of mine I guess.  I just figure it's so much easier to keep things in order than not.  Some of the things I label are as simple as the file cabinets and drawers at work to the little guest baskets I keep in the bathroom.  I've labeled almost everything in the kitchen, in the game closet, in my closet, in the bathrooms, in the laundry room, scrapbooking and craft storage and now......all backpacks, sports bags, dance bags, diaper bags, the bags I carry my things around in at work, and even my clipboard.  To get to the point...I am now selling these luggage type bags so that YOU can be all organized as well.  I will post pictures of some samples here.  Some from orders I've already made, made for myself, or some that I would like to make in the future.  I can do pretty much any color and have a lot of different characters.  i buy my clipart on etsy so I am able to do this.  Most tags are made with just a first name and initial, but I can also write emergency contact on the back for the little ones.  Or you can request classroom number or teacher's name on the back so they don't get lost at school.  I've had a lot of orders so far and I love fulfilling those requests!  So keep me busy, order something, tell your friends, etc.  More pictures on facebook as well.

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