July 31, 2011

Swimming with our friends!

Bailey and Caiden love to be in the water!  Isn't that what summer is all about anyways?  They wake up and first thing they ask is, "Can we go swimming today?"  So far they have been swimming everyday this week and they stay in the pool until right before it starts to get dark~ it doesn't even get dark until after 8PM.
Samantha and Stella came over and the girls had a blast!  They are all still learning to swim so when they start running around and jumping and going on the slide we make sure they wear their floaties.  When they are ready to practice swimming, they go over to the shallow end and take the floaties off.  Hopefully they'll be over again soon.  Fun times!

Bailey also has a friend who lives across the street named Jadyen.  Funny thing about Jayden is that she's the daughter of a friend named Alina, that I went to elementary school with.  Small world, it really is.  She moved right across the street from me and we have daughters who are just 1/2 a year apart~ go figure!  The girls love that they have a playmate so close.  All they have to do is have someone watch them cross the street and 'PRESTO! Let's play!

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  1. Love the pics in your blogs! The girls had a blast!